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Electric Trace Heating - Ice & Snow Prevention

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Ezeheat Ice and Snow clearance systems ensure that you can walk and drive safely on paths, drives and parking areas during the winter. Ezeheat ice and snow melting system operates fully automatic. It automatically detects the need for the heating system to energise and full protect the area covered by the Ezeheat heating system. Safe walking, driving and working areas.

ice and snow prevention

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The Problem

Snow build-up or ice formation on ramps or entrance ways pose a danger to vehicles, or can prevent access. Similarly, snow or ice on paths or stairways create a pedestrian hazard.

Access is often critical. Ramps serving car parks in shopping malls, hotels and business must be kept clear. Entrances to hospitals and similar establishments must be accessible at all times.

Salt or chemical de-icer application or mechanical clearing, although potentially harmful, may be acceptable for non-critical surfaces having only occasional problems. Critical surfaces should be provided with a reliable automatic solution to the problem

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