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There are two main purposes for using pipe heating systems, frost protection of pipes and maintenance of the required temperature in pipes. Frost protection systems are installed where there is need to prevent water from becoming frozen.
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      commercial electric  heat tracingcommercial electric  heat tracing

      commercial electric  heat tracingcommercial electric  heat tracing

Temperature maintenance systems are installed to ensure that the hot water pipes in the building are maintained at the correct temperature.

Prevent frost damage and maintain your water flowing at the correct temperature.

The Solution

commercial electric  heat tracingThe Ezeheat Self Regulating cable system was developed for use on almost all pipes - metallic and plastic. Plastic pipes must be foiled over the heater run. It prevents hot and cold water pipes from freezing, fuel oil lines and pipes containing other fluids or chemicals from clogging or crystallising.


Self-Regulating Technology

Ezeheat is a self-regulating heating cable especially developed for this application. The self-regulating effect causes the cable to generate progressively more heat as the pipe cools down, and less heat as the temperature rises. It can never overheat or burnout - even when overlapped.

The Ezeheat system is therefore temperature safe, energy efficient and reliable. It operates automatically and requires virtually no maintenance.

Complete System

The Ezeheat system comprises the Self Regulating heating cable, together with an installer friendly connection system, an optional frost thermostat all component parts to provide a comprehensive system.