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Under Floor Mat Heating Kit - 150w/m2

Mat Heating Kit - 150w/m2


Under Floor Heating Spooled Cable Kit - 120w/m2

Spooled Cable Kit


Under Floor Mat Heating Kit - 200w/m2

Mat Heating Kit - 200w/m2

Under Floor Heating Insulation

Underfloor Insulation Boards


Under Floor Heating ThermostatProgrammable


About Electric Underfloor Heating    

Underfloor Heating Systems are a perfect way to create warm comfort within Living areas such as Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Conservatories. This heating system is placed close to the floor surface and due to the even heat distribution upside you are getting the optimum heating climate in your room. Underfloor heating can be used both as a central heating unit and as a supplemental system. It is always our recommendation to partner our underfloor heating systems with insulation, this lowers heat up times significantlyand further increases efficiency.


Electrical Floor Heating SystemTraditional Heating System

       Electrical Floor Heating System                        Traditional Heating System


Electric Underfloor Heating systems nowadays are cheap, reliable, efficient and are a cost effective solution to keeping your family warm.  Electric Underfloor Heating is fast becoming more and more popular in the modern home. Eliminating the need for wall mounted heaters which restrict the true size of your room and overall design. The installation of these underfloor heating systems and insulation have been made to provide the user with simplicity and peace of mind, there is literaly a minimal thought process to the eventualy layout of the system. All of Ezeheat's Electric Underfloor Heating Systems are manufactured with a twin core heating cable, which means you simply begin laying the system where you require the thermostat and thats it, no planning what so ever as there is only one cold tail leading back to the thermostat control unit.

                         Twin Core Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

Twin Core Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

                        Twin Core Electric Underfloor Heating Cable

Twin Core Electric Underfloor Heating Cable

Eco-friendly heating                                                        

Underfloor heating system of electric type is the most eco-friendly way of heating Bathrooms, Kitchens, Conservatories and the best way of thermal comfort creation. Just imagine… Your floor is always dry and warm. There are no intensive convective air and dust flows. On the one hand the air is not dry and on the other hand there is no humidity and cold air accumulation (which usually cause cold) near the floor surface. Electric Underfloor heating takes care of your health and doesn"t forget about your children: they will enjoy playing on the warm floor surface.

Low cost Floor Heating                                                   

Underfloor heating system enables to reduce your heating costs. Underfloor installation of the heating system provides the enhanced surface of heat emission and close placement to the floor surface ensures quick and optimum warming-up. Meanwhile, an electronic smart thermostat maintains comfortable temperature in the room, automatically turning the heating system “on” and “off” in accordance with your wish. When you are out this smart device will be working in an energy-saving mode, but the premises will be warm enough by your turn-back. Underfloor heating systems works only when you need it, it means your heating costs can be reduced markedly.

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